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Felix Dart

SEBO Felix Dart upright vacuum with a 12″ power head. Includes an ET-1 power head, crevice tool (1092GS) and a dusting brush (1387GS). It comes equipped with a set of filters and a single filter bag.

Comes in white with a marine blue exhaust microfilter wrap (7095ER08).

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Don’t need fancy features like variable suction control or a swivel neck? The Felix Dart is a simplified and more cost effective option for those who favour the FELIX 1 PREMIUM but don’t need all of the same features.

To clean delicate carpets, simply turn off the roller brush for no-spin cleaning. Or detach FELIX’s suction unit and use it as a hand-held vacuum for small jobs. Reach those smaller areas using the conveniently attached hand hose and two attachment tools.

The Felix Dart still includes a 12” power head, but it does not include a hard-floor tool.

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